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1987 Honda Foreman 350D 4×4 quad for sale

Honda Foreman 350D from 1987. forever 4×4. Front and back axles are solid. It will be difficult to locate another one in this condition. I’ve had it for a long time. It hasn’t sat around because it is frequently used, yet it is kept inside. Everything functions as it should. It is a true beast of a bike. Electric and kick starts. Both perform as they ought to. has a newer plastic fuel tank to prevent the rusting of the old one (I have the original tank…it has no rust all). The plastic does not have any cracks. not even one that is tiny. This vehicle would make a wonderful addition to an atv collection or may be used on a farm due to the plastic’s continued flexibility and overall lack of scratches (it is an 87′ so it is not mint). The fact that this machine is a good testament to Honda’s dependability and reputation as the greatest machine available proves that they don’t produce them like they used to. I’m not under any pressure to sell, but I want to purchase a new sxs so that my son can go riding, so I told the wife that I’d try to reduce the cost by selling some toys. Tire kickers, please continue scrolling. The vehicle always starts right away, doesn’t smoke or tick, has tight steering, tight bearings, and working lights. Always fueled with premium gasoline. not even a drop of anything leaks.

Price: $ 3,700

About the product

Brand: Honda
Model Number: Foreman 350D
Year: 1987

About the seller

Name: Joe
Location: Virginia
Phone: (540) 272-9957

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