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2000 Arctic Cat 300 4×4 ATV for Sale

There are only 1600 original miles. It has a 5-speed footshift heel/toe shifter transmission with three ranges: High/Low/Ultra Low, for a total of 15 speeds. It looks like a small tractor. This thing had no trouble dragging a 450-pound bush hog around my mountain property.

The drivetrain is Suzuki, so it’s simple to work on and obtain replacement parts for.

2000 Arctic Cat 300 4×4 with a 300cc four-stroke engine
Air-cooled engine (no radiator, water pump, hoses, etc to worry about)
5 speed manual transmission with reverse and 3 ranges in/out 4×4 selectable
Rear Independent Suspension
Disc Brakes Hydraulic
Driven by a Shaft (no chain drive)
Steel floorboards and racks (not plastic)

New Oil/Filter/Parts/Service:
New Air Filter and Brake Fluid
Voltage Regulator Update
Tank Cap for Gas Gauge ($40)
Shock bushings have been replaced all over.
Set the rear foot brake
Carburetor Replacement
new valve adjustments

The fire is lit and ready to go. There are no cracks in the plastics, and the seat is in excellent condition. The garage was kept.

Everything is operational. Electric and pull start, headlights, brake light, 4×4, and other features

There are two ripped front CV boots. However, the axles sound fine. Simply run them until they need to be replaced, then replace the entire axle because labor is the same.

Price: $ 2,650

About the product

Brand: Arctic Cat
Model Number: 300
Year: 2000

About the seller

Name: Jeffrey
Location: North Carolina
Phone: (828) 515-1228

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