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2002 Polaris XC SP 700 Snowmobile for Sale

Polaris XC SP 700 snowmobile, 2002. The engine runs smoothly and has adequate compression. It always begins well. There are no issues with the drivetrain. Last year, the original track was replaced with a barely used studded track. New surprises. Heated helmet visor is wired. Thumb warmers and a handle bar. An inexperienced friend clipped a tree, destroying the left suspension, damaging the left side of the nosepan, and cracking the hood. The suspension appears to have come clean off the mounts, so it may be simple to swap out. Cover and two belts are included. Take a look at the photos. Selling in its entirety.

Price: $ 9500

About the product

Brand: Polaris
Model Number: XC SP 700
Year: 2002

About the seller

Name: Jeff
Location: Minnesota
Phone: 612-325-2475

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