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2016 Yamaha Apex X-TX Snowmobile

A Yamaha Apex X-TX snowmobile is for sale. I believe the machine is in excellent condition. I am the second owner, and the unit has never let me down. Has always come to Hauck Powers Sports for any maintenance that unit may have needed. Last season, a new battery was installed. I had a set of extra track suspension bogie wheels installed to improve track slide wear. There is a zipper storage unit in the front windshield for trail maps and other small items needed on the tail. Mirrors for the rear view have been installed. During the off season, the unit has always been stored in a shed. For a complete listing of this machine’s specifications, visit Yamaha Motors’ website and look for a full listing of the machine’s specifications. Reverse, electric start, 996cc engine I’m selling until I can upgrade to a two-up machine that I can use to take my grandchildren on trail rides. Last spring, all new bearings were installed in the rear suspension track support idlers.

Price: $ 6,995

About the product

Brand: Yamaha
Odometer: 6700
Model Number: Apex X-TX

About the seller

Name: Myron
Location: Wisconsin
Phone: (715) 205-9822

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