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2019 Kawasaki Teryx4 800 LE UTV for Sale

One of the best all-around four-seaters on the market. This is a stunning machine that is also extremely functional. Excellent condition – appears to be nearly new. 5,208 Clearly Gentle Miles. 420 Hours. New tires with no miles on them. Semi-synthetic oil and filter. Front Differential Gear Oil has been replaced. Wet brake oil and new rear differential gear. Maintain verifiable documentation of all fluid changes. Bar of Light. Legal on the streets (horn, blinkers, side and review mirrors).

What a difference electric power steering makes (drive with 1 relaxed hand vs 2 tight hands). AMAZING ADJUSTABLE FOX SHOCKS – each shock only takes a few seconds to adjust with three fingers – can go from very smooth to very stiff in a couple minutes (can be done by squatting or bending over – no need to get in the mud, snow, etc). Despite its smooth ride, it has a short wheel base, which allows for an exceptional turning radius and maneuverability on tight turns and trails – this also allows for a smaller trailer (fits on a 5 X 9 ft. deck). I actually have a trailer that would work (if you’re interested, we can discuss package pricing). On-Demand 4X4. On-Demand Differential Lock.

V-Twin 800 Engine – Ample Power and Speed. Headlights with LEDs. Seatbelts are standard on all four seats. Excellent driver seat safety feature: the seat buckle must be latched in order to go faster than a crawl. Seating in the back of the stadium for better views. The driver’s seat is movable. Hardtop with a large roof clearance. All four seats are spacious and comfortable (even for the tall and/or big). Excellent Spare with Mount. Inside and rear storage. Windshield in half.
Weight: 1628 lbs.
1300 lb tow capacity
7.9 gal. fuel capacity
85.6″ wheelbase

Price: $ 15,000

About the product

Brand: Kawasaki
Odometer: 5208
Model Number: Teryx4 800 LE
Year: 2019

About the seller

Name: Wade
Location: Utah
Phone: 435-705-1035

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