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6-Seat 2009 Yamaha G29 Golf Cart for Sale

A 6-seat 2009 Yamaha G29 Golf Cart is for sale. For our family, this has been a fun little adventure.

The brakes were replaced this year. These are the internal transaxle brakes, which are expensive and time-consuming to replace. Everything is finished and brand new. The air filter, spark plugs, and oil are also new.

All of the lights work. The front windshield works perfectly. The larger tires contribute to a faster ride. The back seat folds down for storage or use as a small truck, which is extremely useful. On both sides of the cart, there is storage for small items, four cup holders, and small pockets for other items in the front. There is also storage under the front seat.

Price: $ 8,400

About the product

Brand: Yamaha
Model Number: G29
Year: 2009

About the seller

Name: Steven Graves
Location: West Virginia
Phone: (304) 544-8627

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