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Polaris Sportsman 500 HO 4wd with front end tractor loader

My Polaris Sportsman 500 ho 4×4 is for sale. It has only 900 miles on it and is in excellent condition. I have a clear PA title and license plate that I am ready to transfer. It comes with a ground hog front end loader and bucket (which alone cost roughly $6,000). The atv is easily worth $4000 on its own. It runs and drives beautifully, and the tires have decent tread and hold air. The loader can lift up to 5 feet in the air. There are a lot of videos on this on the internet. The front end loader operated for about a month, then became extremely slow, and now the solenoid simply clicks. It’s possible that a new solenoid, battery, or other electrical component is required. Small dump trucks and snow plows both use hydraulic pumps. My area of expertise is not electrical repair. Hydraulic cylinders are durable and free of leaks. The system can lift 500 pounds. It has two fresh 12 volt AGM batteries, one for the four wheeler and the other for the loader or winch.

Price: $ 6,500

About the product

Brand: Polaris
Odometer: 900
Model Number: Sportsman 500 HO

About the seller

Name: Jane Lopiccolo
Location: Pennsylvania
Phone: 717-586-7442

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