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1978 Harley Davidson Gas Golf Cart

1978 Harley Davidson Golf Cart, remarkable and reconditioned. Everything is original, including the engine, which is a two-stroke gas engine. It has new orange and black Harley Davidson schemed paint, new front seats and rear bench, fantastic rubber, fresh paint and decals, SS style wheels, it runs great and is faster than my 650 Subaru side by side, no smoke or leaks, and starts up the first time every time. It’s a 44-year-old piece of Harley history in which I’ve spent a large amount of money and many shop hours. All of the numbers match the original Harley Mfg plate. I preferred not to install the original fenders, despite the fact that they were available; I like the tricycle appearance without them. For a sub-compact tractor, I might be interested in a partial or full trade.

Price: $ 6,900

About the product

Brand: Harley Davidson
Model Number: Tricycle
Year: 1978

About the seller

Name: Jeff
Location: Indiana
Phone: (317) 331-9483

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