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1983 Ezgo Marathon Golf Cart for Sale by Owner

This is a 1983 Ezgo Marathon Golf Cart with a 244cc two-stroke engine. It has recently undergone several upgrades including a new drive belt, fuel tank, cap, line, filter, spark plug, and governor cable. The cart also features an aftermarket light harness with LED headlights and tail lights. Its all-metal body style was popular in the early 90s and this particular model is in great condition with no significant rust or damage.

Although the cart runs and drives fine, it needs a muffler that is no longer in production. However, this presents an excellent opportunity for someone with welding resources to save money on a cart. The muffler required for this cart is available on eBay and fits models manufactured between 1976 and 1987, with the exception of the 1983 model, which requires some modification and welding due to the way it was mounted. This golf cart is a great starter cart but the owner is ready to upgrade to a four-seater with a four-stroke engine.

Price: $ 2,250

About the product

Brand: Ezgo
Model Number: Marathon
Year: 1983

About the seller

Name: Sean
Location: Wisconsin
Phone: 414-243-3355

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